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The Living to Thrive Podcast is for people looking to live a happy, healthy, and thriving life.

Our health is the greatest gift we have. Join Kathryn White as she shares her own story of surviving cancer and how it inspired her to live her healthiest, happiest life.

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Rest is a critical piece of our health and healing. In episode 31 Kathryn is discussing how rest helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit and ways we can bring rest into our life.

In this episode:

How do you define rest?

Why do we find it so hard to give ourselves permission to rest?

What is the relationship between rest and healing?

Why I use restorative yoga in my practice.

The Underappreciation of Rest in Today’s Society – article

Guide to Taming the Monkey Mind – free download

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. In episode 30 join Kathryn as she explores what you can do and how you can reframe a situation to make the best of it.

Life can be a lot. But, we can always find the good in things if we know where to look and what to do.


In this episode:

We will take a look at the questions:

How do you define adversity?

What is resiliency and how to you become resilient?

Why do we need to reframe how we face adversity?

Ways to navigate adversity successfully


Hardwiring Happiness – Dr Rick Hanson – book

Negative Bias – article

The Impact of Stress on Body Function – article

Healing isn’t in the moment; deep healing comes after all the medication, treatments, and plans are done. Deep healing takes time. Join Kathryn in episode 29 as she discusses why we need to take our healing to the next level and how it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this episode:

What do I mean by healing after treatment?

What are the pieces of healing that we aren’t often told about?

Why do we need to look at healing beyond the doctor’s office?

What you need to know to help yourself heal.


Surgery and the Gut Microbiome – article

Surgery, the Gut Microbiome and Probiotics – article

Scar Tissue Pain – article

Meridians – article

Hormones and Gut Health- estrogen – article

Gut Bacteria – serotonin – article

Gut by Guilia Enders – book on the gut, how it works, and why we need to nurture it

Episode 27 – Sunshine, Happiness and Vitamin D

Smoothies or Juice – Which is Better? This week on the Living To Thrive Podcast Kathryn will dive into this topic so that you have all of the information to decide! Tune in to Episode 28 to get the straight goods on nutrition, tools, and the best times to choose a smoothie or a juice.

In this episode:

What is a smoothie and what is a juice?

What are the health benefits of each?

Are there specific times when one is better that the other?

What do you need to have and know to make them?

How can I up my smoothie and juice game?


World’s Healthiest Foods

Cancer and Cruciferous Vegetables

Cancer and Juicing

FREE Guide to Making Amazing Smoothies

Juicing Cleanses


Vitamin D has become a bit of a hot, if not sometimes controversial, topic. In episode 27 Kathryn takes a look at this vitamin and shares how you can get more of it and why you should. ⁠

In this episode:

  1. What is Vitamin D
  2. Why do we need it
  3. How do we get it
  4. What happens if we don’t have enough
  5. A resource I am loving to further my understanding of Vitamin D

References from the episode:

Vitamin D and Cancer

Harvard article about Vitamin D and Cancer

Vitamin D Overview

Vitamin D and Alzheimers

Journal of Neurology article on alzheimers and Vitamin D

The Vitamin D Solution through Indigo Books

Harvard Vitamin D info

Bone health from D3/K2

Join Kathryn in Episode 25 as she is joined by guest Angie Mailhot of the Railway City Health Hut as she shares her personal story of healing, her passion for wellness, and being a small business with a big heart.

Railway City Health Hut

April 16 is National Stress Awareness Day. In Episode 24 join Kathryn as she dives deep into the biological responses in the body when stress goes unmanaged, 5 ways to reduce your stress and why you need to start today.

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A cancer survivor, Kathryn is passionate about health and wellness and brings her passion to the world as a Whole Health Cancer Coach. A former teacher turned culinary nutrition educator, yoga teacher, and advocate for cancer survivors, Kathryn believes that together we can do this!

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